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Bob Crawford

A Note From Bob Crawford:

Dear Friend,

It seems like every week I get emails and spam about the latest and greatest new marketing tool, training course, or ebook to hit the internet. You probably get a lot of them too.

All of these ads for fancy courses and strategies come with glitzy sales pages that include lots of dollar $ign$ and lots of really big numbers. They usually have some fancy graphics, or charts, or even pictures of huge checks to show you the fantastic income that you can be bringing home... as soon as you hand over your cash and begin using their super amazing new program. (I like the ads that show you pictures of 'real' checks with LOTS of zeros. Those are my favorites!)

But here is the sad truth...

Many online marketers are frustrated. Frustrated because they are not getting the results that they expected from their training. Their expensive training. They struggle and struggle, but they never seem to be able to produce the big results they want. They never see those big paychecks. They are never able to afford those luxury homes or sports cars or cruises pictured so enticingly in the marketing ads.

The truth is that most people who begin an online business don't really get the success they want. In fact, many quit without ever making a dime! Only a few out of the thousands who try each year will ever reach the level of success that they desire.


Will YOU be One of the Few to Succeed?

Then read on and learn how the Marketing Success Accelerator can help!


I'd like to share something with you. Something that can make the difference between your success and failure. There are successes out there. There are people just like you making a living on the net. Some of them are making quite a nice living by marketing online.

The problem is that many people make the mistake of believing that an expensive training course is all that they need in order to make their millions on the internet.

So they drain their bank account or max out their credit card and "go into business".

But guess what? Three months, six months, or even a year goes by and they still have nothing to show for their efforts. Their 'business' has no significant income and their cash flow is looking like a one-way street - There is not much coming in! It's all going out!

This is where many people quit. They give up. They don't understand why they didn't make it, they just get frustrated by their lack of results and quit.

But Dreams Don't Die!

Your dreams are powerful. Your dreams of a creating a better life will always cause you to look for another way to reach your desires when you hit a roadblock.

If you are not getting great results from that great marketing program that you bought, your first thought might be that you simply wasted your money on a junk program. After all, there are tons of trainings and courses out there, maybe you just picked the wrong one.

When you begin thinking like that you might find yourself going back and looking at other courses and books and wondering if maybe your success lies in one of those.


What the 'Gurus' Don't Teach You

Most marketing courses leave out an important factor. The single most important factor that will influence your success online. The one element in the whole marketing process that can make or break your business.

What is it?

  • It's not zeroing in on your micro-niche...
  • It's not building a massive list of hungry customers...
  • It's not learning pay-per-click advertising...
  • It's not writing articles...
  • It's not learning the latest audio or video techniques...
  • It's not even honing your social media skills...

What is it?

What is the one factor that many of the so-called 'complete marketing systems' leave out of their training?

YOU Are!

That's right. The problem with most marketing trainings is that they leave YOU 'out of the picture'!

But YOU are the final piece of the online marketing success puzzle.

It is your mindset and your ability to harness your inner strength and power that determine your success online. Without YOU, the best training in the world is just a pile of information.

Why do you think all make-money-online websites and advertisements have little tiny earnings disclaimers on the bottom of their pages?

Because the one variable in the entire marketing equation is YOU! There is no way for a guru to tell whether you are going to put in the effort required to succeed when you buy their course or book.

Only you can decide that. Only you can decide to be successful. Only you can decide to actually DO all of the wonderful tips and techniques that you've paid your hard-earned money for.

Only you can decide to take action on what you have learned. This is the dirtly little secret of the 'make-money-online' niche: Most people who buy an internet marketing training course or ebook won't ever take the steps needed to build a successful business. They get frustrated. They give up. They move onto something new. They start over and begin trying some hot new program, thinking that once they find that one perfect marketing system, that all their problems will be over.

Does this sound familiar?

Are you getting the results that you expect from your marketing efforts?

If not, don't blame your training or marketing course! Because the truth is...


There are thousands of ways to make money online.

There are plenty of great marketing teachers and courses and programs out there all shouting and waving and trying to get your attention, (and your money!)

And the truth is that most of these systems work, they will make you money online...

...if you apply the knowledge that you paid for.

This is what seperates the power players from the wannabes, learning to apply the skills needed for success.

And this is exactly what the majority of marketing trainings don't cover. They don't help you learn the inner skills that you need for success.


Marketing Success Accelerator!

Winning the Inner Game of Online Marketing

Marketing Success Accelerator!


Winning at the game of online marketing is more than simply reading a book on pay-per-click advertising and then going out and spending money on google adwords.

Believe it or not, your success online is no different from your success in any other area of your life. It's not! If your life was chaotic and unmanagable before you discovered online marketing, your life will be chaotic and unmanagable after online marketing.

You see, all those fantastic marketing systems focus mainly on the outer aspects of your online business, and they ignore or gloss over the inner, personal skills that you need to develop in order to succeed.

But it is your 'inner game' that ultimately decides your level of success. When you begin learning and applying the inner skills that the Marketing Success Accelerator! teaches you, you will start seeing huge changes in the quality of results that you are getting.

Your results are the only true measure of your success. Many people confuse knowledge with success, but you can spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours learning all that there is to know about online marketing and still not find yourself reaching the level of success that you expect. It's frustrating, I know.

But that frustration ends now.


Marketing Success Accelerator! - Winning the Inner Game of Online Marketing

If you are ready to squeeze the maximum results from your marketing efforts then you are ready for the Marketing Success Accelerator!

The Marketing Success Accelerator! is NOT just another marketing system. In fact, the Marketing Success Accelerator won't teach you a single marketing method, strategy, or technique.

The Marketing Success Accelerator! doesn't waste a single minute on any of that stuff!

Let me be clear,

  • You won't learn SEO techniques.
  • You won't learn 'advanced marketing theories'.
  • You won't learn list building strategies.
  • You won't even learn about joint ventures or partnerships.

This power-packed audio program is all about YOU.

It's about learning the inner skills that will explode your success and help you grow your business faster and larger than you dreamed possible.

Your success online depends upon your mastering these inner skills. Nothing less. In my work as a success coach I see too many people struggling to win the marketing game, trying to do the right thing. Trying to succeed.

You can end the struggle right now. You can begin achieving the same results that the big name marketers tease you with.

You see, it isn't enough to buy 'how-to' knowledge from a marketing expert. It isn't enough to simply learn the specific tools they use or the methods they recommend using.

If you want the same results as the superstars of internet marketing you have to go beyond marketing... you have learn the inner principles of success that carried them from beginners online to the success that they enjoy today.

Are you ready to take charge of your future? Ready to Accelerate your business?

...then you are ready for Marketing Success Accelerator!

This is the one program that you absolutely must have, regardless of what type of online business you run or what type of marketing you are currently using or thinking about using.

It doesn't matter what course you've taken, what training you've had, or what new marketing book you've read... using this program is like throwing gasoline on a fire! Your results will EXPLODE!


Here is the core of the program and why you will achieve such tremendous results from using it...

The Five Principles of Online Success

Through my work with online marketers just like you, I have identified and zeroed in on five specific areas of your inner self that are critical to your online success. I've studied them, worked with them, and condensed them into the Five Principles of Online Success.

Time and time again, these five principles have proven to be the key to overcoming the challenges that creating a thriving online business can throw your way. When you begin integrating these five principles into your business you will begin to to regain that hope and optimism that you once had for your future!

Marketing Success Accelerator! covers each of these five principles in detail, and shows you exactly how and why they work so well to help you get fantastic results in your business.

Here's what is included in this goldmine of information:

You will...

  • Learn how and why your business success will improve by leaps and bounds as you gain ability and confidence in these five key areas.
  • Discover powerful ways to integrate the five principles of online marketing into your daily business activities.
  • Learn the truth about goal setting and how the quality of your goals can impact your results.
  • Become skilled at recognizing your negative self-talk and taking steps to turn it around.
  • Gain new ways of thinking and working with concepts such as time management and your priorities.
  • Discover how changing the way you look at your competition can change your business.

**Plus, you will also discover two powerful ideas or concepts that will ABSOLUTELY make or break your success online. These two ideas are closely related to each other, and they are responsible for more success and triumph than anything else I know of.

These two concepts are so important for you to embrace and understand, that they are covered first, before you begin learning about the five principles that will forever change the face of your online business.


Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Success?

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Online Business?


Click the 'buy now' button right now.

Take the first step.

Stop wishing for success online...

Stop hoping for some magical formula to show up in your inbox.

This powerful program will change the way you look at your business.

Order the Marketing Success Accelerator! today and begin seeing explosive results from your marketing efforts!


Here's what's included in this powerful marketing success package:

Red Checkmark Marketing Success Accelerator! - The Audio Program.
Over 60 minutes long, and filled with everything you need to know to win the online game. You won't find any fluff here, just the cold hard facts about how to succeed online. The audio is in mp3 format for easy transfer to your ipod or other audio player.
Red Checkmark Marketing Success Accelerator! - The eBook.
This is the complete text version of the Accelerator! and is perfect for those times when you prefer to read rather than listen to the program. Sometimes the text version can be easier to use if you need to go back and study a particular section again. (In .pdf format)
Red Checkmark Special BONUS Audio - Attracting Success: A 5 Step Process to Achieving Your Dreams. Learn the steps to attract success in any area of your life with this condensed version of one of my popular training courses. (Also in .mp3 format)

Your price for this amazing package?

A fraction of the cost of many marketing trainings...

Not $197...
Not $147...
Not even $97 !!

Your price: Only $47


Marketing Success Accelerator!  

Yes Bob!

checkmarkI'm ready to ACCELERATE my business!

checkmarkI'm ready to take CONTROL of my future!

checkmarkI'm ready to ACT!

I'm ready for the Marketing Success Accelerator!

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Bob Crawford

I look forward to helping you achieve the online success that you dream of!




P.S. - Remember, your success online ultimately depends upon you, not on all those other things that you are wasting your money on. You can eliminate the pain and struggle in your business by ordering right now. Click here to order now!

P.P.S. - Stop watching the big fish in the marketing game get all the action. When you begin applying the principles you will learn in the Marketing Success Accelerator! you will suddenly find yourself on an equal footing with the big players. This program LEVELS the playing field and smashes any barriers standing between you and your success!




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